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Our pursuit of human health care (hhc)

Eisai makes no mention of the word “pharmaceutical” in its company name. This is because what we really want to create is the everyday fulfillment of the precious hopes of patients and their families, which goes beyond the provision of medicines. “What are the patients' true needs ?” “What do families truly wish for ?” We want to get close to patients, see the situation from their perspectives and get a sense of their thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. We continue with our challenge to turn those thoughts and wishes into hopes for tomorrow.


Our hhc (human health care) Activities

hhc human health care

Eisai's corporate philosophy reflects our commitment to business activities aiming to increase the benefits to patients, their families, and consumers, who we clearly recognize as the key players in healthcare. This corporate philosophy is summarized by the term “hhc (human health care).” We believe that in order to truly consider the perspectives of patients and their families, it is important for each employee to first get close to patients and see the situation from their perspectives in order to learn to empathize with thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words.

Improving Access to Medicines

Making our medicines available to those who need them

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